About Us

As a Non-Stock, Non-Profit Organization (NGO), registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Micro-Finance NGO. We seek to help alleviate the socio-economic condition of marginalized groups of people by providing additional capital for farmers pursuant to R.A. 8425. Its primary purpose is to provide farmers access to capital needed for agricuture related projects.

This initiative started in Lian, Batangas by its founder Mr. Dex Villamin who sought to find ways to help farmers in his community. He started this through the use of the traditional “Paiwi System” where animals were entrusted under the care of farmer-neighbors; then sold produce to the community at significantly lower prices. Through this, he was able to provide farmers with livelihood opportunities.

In partnership with MAGSASAKA Inc. we develop livelihood programs and award to carefully selected and accredited partner farmers to ensure success and profitability of our programs.

The long-term goal is to develop a menu of livelihood packages that Farmers can choose from; and to make our services accessible to as many farming communities possible.



To create a competitive environment where Filipino Farmers will have equal opportunities to succeed in their agricultural endeavors.



Progressive communities in the countryside driven by the rise of economically uplifted farmers.

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